Multi-Org Technology

Think Globally-Act Locally: Integrated BPM & GRC Software, for Multi-Subsidiary Enterprises

Complex global organizations, with several subsidiaries, often mention an intention to “think globally and act locally”, in order to streamline operations and optimize the achievement of organizational goals. Nevertheless, the fulfillment of this paradigm poses a set of challenges and questions mainly due to the variance in the operational characteristics and goals of each subsidiary.

State of the art multi-org methodologies (both for BPM and GRC), have tended to focus on replicating global processes and IT configurations rather than on the management of centrally controlled, yet flexible business process baseline.

ProcessGene’s approach aims to determine between global and local business processes. This determination is also applied on business process artifacts such as BPM workflows, GRC data etc. This approach enables multi-subsidiary organizations to distribute a unified process baseline, while allowing subsidiaries a controlled level of flexibility in determining local processes and related artifacts.  Multi-Org creates a common BPM/GRC management language, uniform process, risk and control assessment methods and consistent reporting standards across subsidiaries worldwide.

ProcessGene Multi-Org technology provides a full software solution for multi-subsidiary BPM/GRC challenges.

Global implementations and multi-organization management

Multi-Org technology allows multi-subsidiary organizations to model their business processes in the “Multi-Org” application, allowing the organization to view the interrelation of global and local practices.
The “global baseline” is found at the top of a multi-organizational structure, and represents the organization’s model outline. ProcessGene’s Multi-Org is unique in that it treats each subsidiary as a “Local” organization which is permitted certain unique practices not necessarily reflected in all subsidiaries.

The general workflow is as follows. The global baseline creates a business Process (at any level) and distributes it to all local organizations. Each local organization then decides whether to accept or reject the Process. Local organizations may also create their own local Processes. Some of these local Processes may be relevant locally, whereas others may be useful to other local organizations. The global baseline detects these locally-created local Processes and decides whether or not to add them to the global baseline for distribution to the entire model.

Main use-cases of the ProcessGene Multi-Org BPM & GRC software suite:

  • Framework for multi-subsidiary BPM GRC initiatives.
  • Platform for managing pre and post-merger integration initiatives.
  • Repository for capturing and protecting proprietary organizational IP, embedded within business processes.
  • Management platform for complex multi-organizational implementation and rollout of enterprise software.
  • Platform for encapsulated ERP implementations: springboard for creating SOA based connectivity between ERP implementation components.
  • Catalyst for the design stages of software implementation and upgrade projects.