Edition Overview

Welcome to the World of Multi-Org Business Process Realization!

The ProcessGene Software Suite is not another conventional BPM tool. Actually, it is so different that we had to define a new category for it. We call it “Business Process Realization”.
The ProcessGene Software Suite is available in multiple editions. The edition you will need is a function of the size of your organization and the range of ProcessGene BPM/GRC software solutions you will need.

ProcessGene BPM/GRC Software Suite – Enterprise Edition

ProcessGene’s most enhanced software solution offers an end-to-end business process realization suite with unlimited customization capabilities.

ProcessGene BPM/GRC Software Suite – Professional Edition

ProcessGene’s cost effective power suite, provides a complete set of business process realization software solutions to multi-subsidiary organizations.

ProcessGene BPM/GRC Software Suite – Standard Edition

ProcessGene’s single-org process realization software solution offers a comprehensive set of business process realization solutions.

ProcessGene BPM/GRC Software Suite – Lite Edition

ProcessGene’s entry level single-org process realization software solutions – at a fraction of traditional BPM cost.

“One of the most important factors for successful Business Process Realization is clear connectivity between business processes, enterprise software and people”. Avi Wasser, ProcessGene’s Executive Director, lecture notes at the Oracle Open World Conference, San Francisco (2006).