Executive Team

Committed to transform scientific innovation into outstanding products

ProcessGene management team is composed of world-class Business Process Management experts, that have succeeded to establish the company as leader of a new and thrilling global industry. Our executive team is committed to continuing the translation of ProcessGene’s scientific innovation into outstanding product and business achievements.


Avi Wasser, Ph.D, Executive Director

Avi Wasser

During his career, Dr. Wasser has integrated an active involvement both in academia and in business. Dr. Wasser has been a research fellow at the Center for Dynamic Enterprise Modeling at the Technion, Israel’s institute of technology, where he also graduated his post doctoral studies. Wasser brings to ProcessGene an extensive understanding of Business Process Management- with unique expertise in risk and regulatory compliance. He published several academic papers and has participated as speaker in the most important BPM and GRC conferences. Dr. Wasser holds an ISACA CRISC certification. His professional experience includes heading the business unit of Cyclone Ltd – a subsidiary of the Elbit Group (NASDAQ: ESLTF), being vice president and founding team member of Niragongo Inc. (purchased by Unipier) and service as a commissioned officer at the Israeli Navy.
Current quote: “Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace” Proverbs, 3:17.


Maya Lincoln, Ph.D, Director of R&D

Maya Lincoln

Dr. Lincoln is an Information Systems engineer, with extensive research and development background. Lincoln has vast field experience in practical software design and development and she has led large-scale software development projects. Her professional experience includes positions such as chief software architect at the LSRT consortium where she was in charge of realizing a high-performance distributed computing system, and being in charge of core R&D at Dealigence Technologies Ltd – a subsidiary of the Elbit Group (NASDAQ: ESLTF). Dr. Lincoln’s academic background includes research fellowship at the Technion’s Center for Dynamic Enterprise Modeling. She earned her Ph.D from the Technion, Israel’s Institute of Technology. Dr. Lincoln holds a CRISC certification.
Current quote: “Will we someday understand time and space and existence itself – as a self-synthesized information system?”, John Archibald Wheeler, 1989.


Tal Aharon, LL.b, Director of Operations

Tal Aharon

Mr. Aharon brings to ProcessGene a wealth of experience in the enterprise software industry, as well as an extensive background in project management and consulting to global organizations. In his background, Mr. Aharon is a certified business coach, with vast expertise in improving personal effectiveness in organizations. Mr. Aharon was in charge of international sales and account management at Niragongo technologies Inc. (acquired by Unipier) where he led the delivery of complex software products to some of Europe’s largest mobile carriers and solution integrators. Prior to that he was in charge of account and project management at Commtouch (NASDAQ: CTCH)- pioneers of Web communications and messaging. Mr. Aharon received his LL.B degree from the University of Haifa in Israel.
Current quote: “Easy is right. Begin right and you are easy” Chuang-Tzu (Zhuangzi), ca. 300 CE.


Alon Bianco, CPA, Director of Finance

Alon Bianco

Mr. Bianco brings to ProcessGene over 20 years of experience in financial management and accounting, and is responsible for the corporate finance and human resource management.
His responsibilities include accounting, financial analysis, treasury, taxation, and handling regulatory audit activities. Mr. Bianco has been with ProcessGene since the company’s inception in 2005.
He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and holds a B.A. in Accounting and Economics from the University of Haifa, in Israel.
Current quote: “A penny saved is a penny earned”, President Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanac, 1737.