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Academic Awards

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Lincoln M., Wasser A., Business Process Search within Unstructured Repositories. KEOD International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Ontology Development, 2014
Wasser A., Lincoln M., Key Deficiencies of Semantic Business Process Search. Coopis, 22nd International Conference on Cooperative Information Systems, Inbast Workshop, 2014
Karni R., Wasser A., & Lincoln M., Content Analysis of Business Processes. International Journal of E-Business Development, Vol. 4, Iss. 1, 2014
Wasser, A., & Lincoln, M., Business Process Management Applications based on Semantic Process Models: the ProcessGene Suite Case-Study. Journal of Universal Computer Science, 19, 1892-1913, 2013
Wasser A., Lincoln M., Selection of Business Process Alternatives based on Operational Similarity for Multi-Subsidiary Organizations. COOPIS workshops: SeDes 2013
Lincoln M., Wasser A., Decision Support for Operational and Financial Risk Management - the ProcessGene Case Study. COOPIS workshops: SeDes 2013
Verbano C., Wasser A., Lincoln M., Venturini K., Managing Resources in the Generation and Development of Research Based Spinoffs: Evidences from Israeli Technology Startups. T2S 2013 proceedings
Verbano C., Venturini K., Wasser A., The Evolution of Resources in Research-Based Spinoffs: Learning from a Case Study. ECIE 2013 proceedings
Lincoln, M., & Wasser, A., Spontaneous creation of the Universe Ex Nihilo. Physics of the Dark Universe, 2(4), 195-199, 2013
Wasser A., Lincoln M., Semantic Machine Learning for Business Process Content Generation. COOPIS 2012
Lincoln M., Wasser A., Applications for Business Process Repositories Based on Semantic Standardization. COOPIS workshops: INBAST 2012
Wasser A., Lincoln M., Ontology Based Method for Supporting Business Process Modeling Decisions. COOPIS workshops: SeDeS 2012
Karni R., Wasser A., Lincoln M.,Content Analysis of Business Processes. International Journal of E-Business Development (IJED) 2012
Lincoln M., Gal A., Searching Business Process Repositories Using Operational Similarity. CoopIS 2011
Lincoln M., Gal A., Content-Based Validation of Business Process Modifications. ER 2011
Wasser A., Lincoln M., ProcessGene View: An Integrated Visualization of Business Process Models. CoopIS 2010
Lincoln M., Golani M., Gal A., Machine-Assisted Design of Business Process Models Using Descriptor Space Analysis. BPM 2010: 128-144
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Lincoln M., Gal A., PNav: Process Navigator for the Design of New Business Process Models. BPM 2010: Demo presentations
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Wasser A., Lincoln M., ProcessGene-Connect: SOA Integration between Business Process Models and Enactment Transactions of Enterprise Software Systems. Coopis 2009 (IFAC-IFIP - EI2N 2009)
Reuven Karni, Maya Lincoln: Action-Based Analysis of Business Processes. ICEIS (3-1) 2008: 239-243
Lincoln M., Wasser A., Sigura S., Using Business Process Architecture to Accelerate the Implementation and Rollout of ERP Systems at Multi-Subsidiary Organizations: a Case Study. ICIIL 2008
Wasser, A.; Lincoln, M.: Implementation and Global Rollout of ERP Systems at Multi-Subsidiary Organizations. International Conference on Industrial Logistics. ICIIL 2008
Maya Lincoln, Reuven Karni, Avi Wasser: A Framework for Ontological Standardization of Business Process Content. ICEIS (3) 2007: 257-263
Avi Wasser, Maya Lincoln, Reuven Karni: ERP Reference Process Models: From Generic to Specific. Business Process Management Workshops 2006: 45-54
Wasser, A.; Lincoln, M. & Karni, R. ProcessGene Query - a Tool for Querying the Content Layer of Business Process Models. Business Process Management 2006 Demo Sessions
Avi Wasser, Maya Lincoln, Reuven Karni: Accelerated Enterprise Process Modeling Through a Formalized Functional Typology. Business Process Management 2005: 446-451
Lincoln, M. and Karni, R: A Generic Business Function Framework for Industrial Enterprises, 17th International Conference on Production Research, Virginia Tech, August, 2003.
Wasser, A.; Lincoln, M. "BPM 3G": Innovative Business Models for 3G Mobile Applications and Services, UBICOMP 2002, adjunct proceedings.
Wasser A., Lincoln M., A Framework for Business-Planning. MEDISAT: an EU 4th framework INCO Project. SME Training Activity Text, 2000.