Process-Driven Change Management

Support Change, Enable Traceability

Inspired by Professor Meir Lehman’s two laws of software evolution, we claim that: (1) Organizations must change – or they automatically become less effective; and (2) As organizational systems develop, the change management process requires specialized resources and tools.
Change management has been traditionally carried out either manually (usually, using consultants) or by a set of uncoordinated tools. ProcessGene’s MULTI-ORG technology supports change management frameworks and automates change management initiatives. Main features of ProcessGene’s Change Management software solution are:

  • Using a business process model as the main vehicle for driving change
  • Implementing consistent terminology, hence supporting cross organizational process visibility and comprehension
  • Connecting change artifacts (e.g. user change requirements and modification tasks) to corresponding business process
  • Deploying a database-driven system for defining, distributing and enforcing change
  • Utilizing ProcessGene’s Multi-Org algorithms and framework to support change management at multi-subsidiary organizations